A Masterveil AC 1000 air curtain installed above the entrance to a refrigerated section for fruits and vegetables.

Cold rooms

Ensure Effective Temperature Regulation with Masterveil air curtains for Cold rooms and other cold zones

Masterveil’s air curtains create an invisible, continuous curtain effect between various temperature-controlled rooms and zones, effectively minimizing energy and time losses during door openings.  This technology not only allows for unobstructed movement but also provides staff and customers the flexibility to move freely between different areas. The air curtain can easily be combined with doors or curtains for nighttime closure or during extended periods when the opening is not in use. . An additional advantage is that the air curtain effectively screens any unwanted odors from entering the cooled room, which means that you can experience, for example, the good smell of vegetables when you step into the cold room.

Improve your energy efficiency and create a comfortable and controlled environment with Masterveil’s advanced air curtains for cold storage rooms and chilled zones.

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Advantages of Masterveil Air Curtains for Cold Storage Rooms and Chilled areas in stores