Masterveil MTC-3V air curtain above entrance to parking garage, painted to blend in with wall panel.


Discover MTC, the latest addition to our range of compact air curtains.

With a focus on flexibility and adaptability, MTC is perfect for entrances and industrial doors. This model offers compact dimensions and can be customized for various installation needs, with the option of air intake from the front, top, or bottom. MTC can be mounted visibly exposed or built into the ceiling, providing many possibilities for installation in different types of door openings. With lengths ranging from 1200 to 3150 mm and two different fan configurations, including a model with higher pressure setting, MTC is both versatile and efficient. Its low construction height of only 280 mm makes installation above the door hassle-free. MTC is also equipped with our unique Airstop nozzle with knife jet technology, providing higher efficiency compared to traditional air curtains.

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