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HANOS for catering companies in the Twente region

HANOS for catering companies in the Twente region

HANOS HengeloOn May 20, HANOS opened its newest location on the Westermaat Campus business park in Hengelo. It concerns the 27th establishment of the international catering wholesaler, accounting for around 17,000 square meters of catering supplies. With this, HANOS serves catering companies in the Twente region, who were initially dependent on the Apeldoorn location.

The building consists of two floors, which offer space for a distribution center and a self-service wholesaler with more than 100,000 items. There are more than 16,000 fresh items, over 750 types of cheese, around 3,200 delicacies and over 10,000 non-food items. Workshops and master classes are also regularly given.

Optimal separation with freezer cells

Masterveil uses the Powerstream product at the passages for refrigerated and frozen storage, with serious temperature gradients in some places. Deweerdt explains: “Especially with freezer cells, optimum separation is crucial. If this is not the case, you will get snow, fog and ice formation, with all its consequences. Consider, for example, energy and efficiency losses, but also high cleaning costs and product or even injury damage. With this in mind, we developed Powerstream. Characteristic of these air curtains is that they have a small floor area and fully controllable air flows. This makes the end result predictable and the payback time short. “

* Source: Randy van den Hoek – Louwers media group – Text: Patricia van der Beek – Photos: HANOS Hengelo