“The outlined payback is definitely real.”

Customer, air curtains, Airstop

This center will deliver a number of food companies in the Netherlands. In our distribution center in A (NL) we have installed 24 AirStop systems. First ..

..instance only between the formeerruimtes freezers and non-conditioned spaces. But soon also as a partition between the loading docks and outside. With numerous benefits and savings as a result.

We are first going to look at other users who already worked with AirStop and were quickly convinced. Especially in freezing cells, we can now better control the temperature and humidity in the formeerruimtes unwanted “air draft” occur when loading our vehicle combinations. All conditioned spaces we now have protected AirStop systems and thus we save again on our energy costs. The payback outlined by Masterveil is definitely real.

By: W.M., coordinator Technical Services and Security of a distribution center.