Two separate temperature zones

Two separate temperature zones

The “Airstop” air curtain from Masterveil
in the installed state

The “Airstop” air curtain systems from Masterveil, Viersen, with their patented air flow system ensure a permanent and metered vertical or horizontal air flow. This airflow not only separates two temperature zones, but also bans dusts, insects and odors. Gates up to 6 m high can be sealed off with a horizontal system using a special high-pressure nozzle technology. The longest Masterveil horizontal air curtain had a length of about 180 m. He was supplied by several fans.

The systems are available in several material variants. In addition to the standard version with Aluzink coating, painted and powder-coated surfaces are also possible. For hygiene areas, the systems are also available in a stainless steel version.


With the VEOtec, Löhne, a distribution partner for Masterveil in Germany, a project was implemented in the central warehouse of the discounter Penny in Cologne. The requirements were a high shielding efficiency in a limited space with minimal energy consumption. The solution here was Masterveil’s “Powerstream DS-Block” system, an air curtain system for deep freezing, in the “Airlock” version. In addition to the basic version with two air layers, a further air jet is integrated, which further increases the efficiency of the base system.

The result: a proven foreclosure (at least 80%) of the climate zones by zero point measurement and a situation without fog, snow and ice formation, the energy expenditure was minimized as required. For this purpose, a footprint of approximately 0.15 m² was required per side.