“Expensive door movements are a thing of the past”

Customer, air curtains, Airstop

The AirStop system has only recently been operational, but now everyone is very excited. The air curtain is placed in our distribution center in B. (NL) and separates an ..

..gekoelde space of + 4ºC an uncooled space of + 20ºC. Previously there was a speed door between, which was about 40 times open and close an hour to let our reach trucks and order picking trucks. Those expensive door movements now belong to the past.

This offers only advantages. It’s safer because our drivers can now see what happens in the other room. We also save energy because temperature zones remain really good now separated. It is also important that the system is trouble-free and could be quickly measured and positioned. Cooperation with Masterveil went perfectly. Meanwhile, we already installed at several locations in the AirStop our distribution systems.


By: J.K., warehouse manager of a supermarket chain.