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Looking back 10 years later at one of our pioneering projects: Ysco

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ysco-project (2)

Last week it was extremely pleasant to look back at one of our pioneering projects that was realized ten years ago at Ysco.

The set-up was designed to create a perfectly conditioned space in the middle of a large freezer room, in collaboration with our partner MUNTERS BELGIUM.

As a result, Ysco’s employees are able to carry out repackaging of ice cream cones according to the specific requirements of large end customers.

A true milestone, given the challenge of achieving this while the freezer doors are in almost permanent use.

Despite the entry and exit of forklifts and the long opening times of freezer doors, the air-conditioned space remains at the correct temperature and humidity combination even just before the entrance to the freezer room.

This innovative approach has not only led to significant efficiencies, but also increased customer satisfaction.

Munters and Masterveil have jointly provided an invisible door solution to Quisquater.

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dendermonde after
dendermonde after (1)
dendermonde _before (1)

In a recent collaboration, Munters, a leader in active drying, and Masterveil, specialized in invisible doors, have jointly provided an effective solution to their valued customer Quisquater. The focus of this joint effort was to create clear temperature separation and optimize the working environment, with impressive results.

Munters’ expertise in active drying played a crucial role in controlling humidity and maintaining optimal conditions in Quisquater’s working environment. By integrating this technology with Masterveil’s innovative invisible doors, an advanced system was created that not only precisely regulated temperatures, but also delivered significant energy savings.

Quisquater, with a focus on safety and efficiency, now has the benefit of a well-controlled, safe working environment. The seamless collaboration between Munters and Masterveil highlights the power of synergy in tackling complex industrial challenges. This success story illustrates how purposeful collaboration between leading companies can lead to tailor-made solutions that exceed customer expectations.

For more information visit,

CASE : Use of Powerstream (r) with Active Drying

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The well-known blue discounter, a prominent supermarket chain, uses the combination of Powerstream(r) with active drying in their facilities, especially in the refrigerated distribution central & freezer cells.

This strategy is aimed at fundamentally reducing energy losses in the intensive use of their freezer doors on the one hand and optimizing the cooling capacity by applying active dehumidification capacity in their freezer cells on the other hand.

First of all, the dehumidification capacity plays a crucial role in their freezers. By combining Powerstream (r) with active drying, moisture is efficiently removed from the air, in combination with an ultimate degree of screening.

This prevents the formation of ice and condensation within the freezer, improving logistics safety, reducing maintenance & repairs and optimising the quality of the stored products.

This market leader is 100% committed to maintaining optimal environmental conditions, extending product shelf life  and preventing spoilage.

In addition, energy saving is an important aspect within their strategy. By applying active drying in combination with Powerstream(r), energy losses are minimised.

This patented Powerstream solution creates a barrier between the cold freezer and the warmer environment outside. This prevents cold air from escaping and warm air from entering, saving energy that would otherwise be consumed to keep the freezer at the right temperature. Active drying helps to maintain a drier environment, making the insulation of the freezer more effective and further reducing energy losses.

In short, we can conclude that Powerstream (r) with active drying is deployed to have a safe and smooth passage within their intensive logistic activity.

The combination of Powerstream (r) and active drying is going to improve the insulation of the freezer room,so to speak, by providing the passages with ‘invisible doors’.

With this strategy, this discounter demonstrates its commitment to maintaining optimal conditions and promoting sustainability in its business.

L’Ecopain d’Ignace with Masterveil’s air curtain

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ecopain_protected freezerdoor_inside

Energy savings and increased comfort reached at l’Ecopain d’Ignace with Masterveil’s air curtain technology. Our innovative solution creates a barrier, reducing heat transfer and preventing unwanted air infiltration, resulting in reduced energy consumption and cost savings. Experience efficiency without compromising on ease of use.

Throwback to the combi setup with Munters

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Throwback to the combi setup with Munters @BREUNA – GERMANY. Maximal protection of freezerdoors in combi with precise climateconditions.

Considering energy saving, optimal temperature zones (HACCP in all it’s perspectives) and logistic safety, we have given FULL priority to this fine project.

Imagine invisible doors for maximal keeping the temperature where it belongs, implementing our top range products:

  1. Powerstream is considered as the most performant system with the lowest energy consumption in the market.
  2. Airstop with it’s highest flexibility in customisation for the other temperature separations like inside & outside doors

Our special thanks also to the general contractor Klebl. We appreciated the partnership & flexibility.

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HTC airstop protecting shockfroster doors

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Is this a kind of magic or another good example of the typical efficiency of Masterveil’s invisible doors; Thanks to a precise airstream to cover the total door of a shockfroster, the cold is staying there were it belongs.
Worker in the frontroom are finally receiving the comfort that they aimed for.

The measuring routine shows very clear what happens with a running system or what happens when you stop the Airstop. Avoiding energylosses towards the frontroom, considering the energyprices today , is an extra bonus in this job.

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Masterveil & Prodoor install Airdoors at Hanos

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Drawing Hanos

Masterveil supplies and installs, together with its Dutch partner ‘Prodoor’, air doors for catering wholesaler Hanos

Following the new construction in Hengelo, Zwolle and recently in Nieuwegein, we are now also working on the new construction in Maastricht.

Masterveil’s air doors are distinguished by customization and energy efficiency compared to traditional systems.

In addition to temperature and/or odor separation between ambient and cooled rooms, Prodoor, with its Masterveil Powerstream and Airlock setup, is ‘the guarantee’ against ice formation in your freezer cell in passageways with large temperature differences between two rooms of up to 50˚ Celsius.

Ice build-up in your freezer will cause evaporators and cooling pipes to freeze and which will eventually break. The financial consequential loss is then incalculable. Excessive humidity that settles on the floors will cause them to freeze, resulting in slippery floors that are dangerous for people, equipment and product. Masterveil’s Air doors are better for your night’s sleep, wallet and the environment. Knowing more? Inform without obligation about our options in the event of ice formation in your freezer and/or excessive energy costs via

SMEs in the freezer sector are being held in a stranglehold

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Watch PDF

In connection with ever-higher energy prices, it is clear that SMEs in the refrigeration/freezer sector are being held in a stranglehold. As an entrepreneur, you can do everything you can to save money, but the products must still be brought in or out through a door. It is precisely these opening times that are responsible for energy losses and, of course, the associated costs.

An OPEN & UNPROOFED DOOR costs MONEY, lots of money.

How can you get a grip on your costs and still be logistically active to the maximum?
Thanks to our proven technology of AIRSTOP & Powerstream solutions, we can fundamentally reduce your losses!
This has been tested by independent bodies (internationally), and we have spreadsheets available where we can quantify this.

Short random examples (based on previous current kwH prices 2021)

By shielding a 3x3mH gate, open for 4 hours a day, 2° versus 18°C, savings of 2500 to 3000 euros/year can easily be achieved.
By shielding a freezer door, under the same conditions, the savings amount to more than 12500 euros/year.
We get feedback from customers that with intensive logistics use, payback periods of less than a year are realistic.

Reference list:

  • Colruyt/Spar & Okay (cool aisle, applied to all shops in Belgium)
  • Lidl Group in Germany/Austria (cooling & refrigeration)
  • Newcold International (recent projects in Rennes (F) and Piacenza (I))
  • Larfrost (exterior gates and freezer rooms)
  • Hottlet (outside gates and cold store)
  • Hanos (exterior doors, areas in supermarkets, cooling & refrigeration applications)
  • Sligro (both B and NL) (idem)
  • Havi logistics Germany concept store (refrigeration & freezing with heat recovery)

What does Masterveil offer?

* We can come and give a short presentation at a next BVBVK members’ meeting and answer any questions in detail.
* We can visit you without obligation to measure intensively used doors and offer you a suitable proposal.
* Independent ROI calculations for both indoor and outdoor gates with weather related simulations
Watch the following video-explainers with additional explanations.
Open door and losses:
What is Airstop®:
Powerstream ® for freezer doors:
Kind regards.
Peeter Deweerdt
Powerteam Masterveil Europe
+32 53 60 78 90
Rue de Bruxelles 192
BE – 9320 Erembodegem

Rewe Breuna, a gem of new techniques.

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Our Masterveil department in Germany, together with partners Klebl , Munters and Aliga Doors , were involved from the outset in the engineering of the specific solution for the Rewe/Penny construction team. This included Powerstream AIRLOCK setup for shielding freezer doors. The active drying is used as an insulating air layor, an extra possibility within the Powerstream Patent. This gives an even higher resistance against humidity. By keeping the opening times ultra short, space is also created for the active drying to prepare the cold store for intensive use.
Our success formula: “protect & dry” at the docks was also applied.
The most memorable thing is of course the fine cooperation between the various parties.

Welcome to the world of invisible doors
the art of invisible doors#Penny

Huuskes Enschede now with the Masterveil Airstop

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dsb and dry_huuskes enschede2
dsb and dry_huuskes enschede3

Huuskes is a total supplier, producer and knowledge partner in food and beverages for healthcare and company catering. With craftsmanship they have been preparing the most delicious and nutritious products for their clients with a team of over 1000 employees since 1956. Huuskes is also a company that works progressively under the motto: “keep innovating because it can always be done better”. Within this process, corporate social responsibility and sustainability play an important role.

Energy saving, logistic safety, exact temperatures within the controlled cold chain are therefore not really desirable but necessary parameters. This is where Masterveil Airstop and Powerstream come in. Invisible doors for both cold stores and freezer rooms, with optimum temperature separation and also ideal visibility.