Operation & Saving


Traditional air curtains work with large volumes under low pressure. In contrast to that an Airstop works with a much lower volume under relatively high pressure. Airstop “cuts” the air in half creating an optimal thermal separation. When a combination with heating or cooling is required, this will be a significantly smaller amount. Therefor energy savings of 60% are no exception.

Combined with industrial doors

An overhead door, speed roller, cool or freezer door when opened frequently, causes a considerable energy loss. Combined with an Airstop system such an industrial door can stay open for quite some time. At the end when the door closes, the Airstop shuts off automatically. Saving energy, working simple and efficient, that is Airstop.

Short return on investment

Our systems hardly consume energy compared to the losses of an open door. You will discover that the return on investment is often less than a few years.

Operational savings

An Airstop not only saves energy. Generally there is no need to purchase an airlock system, plastic strip curtains, revolving or sliding door. Next to that you save time thus money because transport between different zones takes place unhindered, fast and safe. Furthermore the chance of collision is tiny which saves on repair and maintenance.


  • Cool- and freezer cells
  • Conditioned areas
  • Storage rooms
  • Production areas
  • Cleanrooms
  • Loading bay areas
  • Fresh departments
  • Entrances