SMEs in the freezer sector are being held in a stranglehold

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In connection with ever-higher energy prices, it is clear that SMEs in the refrigeration/freezer sector are being held in a stranglehold. As an entrepreneur, you can do everything you can to save money, but the products must still be brought in or out through a door. It is precisely these opening times that are responsible for energy losses and, of course, the associated costs.

An OPEN & UNPROOFED DOOR costs MONEY, lots of money.

How can you get a grip on your costs and still be logistically active to the maximum?
Thanks to our proven technology of AIRSTOP & Powerstream solutions, we can fundamentally reduce your losses!
This has been tested by independent bodies (internationally), and we have spreadsheets available where we can quantify this.

Short random examples (based on previous current kwH prices 2021)

By shielding a 3x3mH gate, open for 4 hours a day, 2° versus 18°C, savings of 2500 to 3000 euros/year can easily be achieved.
By shielding a freezer door, under the same conditions, the savings amount to more than 12500 euros/year.
We get feedback from customers that with intensive logistics use, payback periods of less than a year are realistic.

Reference list:

  • Colruyt/Spar & Okay (cool aisle, applied to all shops in Belgium)
  • Lidl Group in Germany/Austria (cooling & refrigeration)
  • Newcold International (recent projects in Rennes (F) and Piacenza (I))
  • Larfrost (exterior gates and freezer rooms)
  • Hottlet (outside gates and cold store)
  • Hanos (exterior doors, areas in supermarkets, cooling & refrigeration applications)
  • Sligro (both B and NL) (idem)
  • Havi logistics Germany concept store (refrigeration & freezing with heat recovery)

What does Masterveil offer?

* We can come and give a short presentation at a next BVBVK members’ meeting and answer any questions in detail.
* We can visit you without obligation to measure intensively used doors and offer you a suitable proposal.
* Independent ROI calculations for both indoor and outdoor gates with weather related simulations
Watch the following video-explainers with additional explanations.
Open door and losses:
What is Airstop®:
Powerstream ® for freezer doors:
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