Seacon Production says: “The doors make the difference”

Ice build-up on equipment and pipes, the risk of refrigeration pipes snapping, i.e. the protection of their freezer cells, caused the managers of Seacon Production many headaches.

Lots of solutions were examined, but without consequence, because of either too drastic changes or too expensive.
Masterveil and Prodoor (Dutch partner) therefore faced a major challenge, sat together,and came up with a combination of an Airstop and a high-speed door as a solution.

The air curtain from Masterveil prevents air humidity from entering the freezer, the high-speed door from Prodoor ensures shorter open-close times than before.

Seacon Production is very satisfied with this extremely productive and effective combination, because the quality of their products is guaranteed, labor time is saved (less cleaning), and there will be a difference in energy consumption over time expected, without the risk of broken coolers.

Conclusion from a satisfied customer: “Awesome that it works, one less big worry!”

Original article (Dutch)