Modern ventilation systems in cold chain and frozen logistics

Modern ventilation systems in cold chain and frozen logistics

Effective shielding

Masterveil AIRSTOP systems

Because of the space saving design of this generation, the Masterveil AIRSTOP systems are perfect for openings with conveyor belts up to large gates, and a large number of exterior gates.

A leading refrigeration and logistics companies was looking for solutions for problems arising from accidental exchange of air at passages or outer gates. The company’s lineup includes services in food handling and food processing, as well as fresh produce, transport and warehouse logistics, with correspondingly diverse requirements for ventilation. They found the company, specialized in individual air curtains, now also be used in a compact, space saving design.

In the most diverse areas, the cooling and logistics company relies now on AIRSTOP systems of Masterveil, both for shielding outer gates, high gates too frozen halls, passageways with transport rails or conveyor belts. These solutions correspond to the company’s maxim, which provides sustainable concepts, use of advanced technology and responsible handling of resources.

Optimal approach for each situation of the company

adjacent exterior gates

Air screening at several adjacent exterior gates – because of the compact design and the individual outblow length solutions can be also realized with the low gate distance.

For the cooling and logistics company a close cooperation with Masterveil is important. Thereby environmental parameters are respected, so that a solution concept can be developed, that is tuned to the specific holistic situation. Air curtains with horizontal, vertical or double standing blowing elements in versions Aluzink, RAL color or stainless steel are used. The length of the outblow element is variable. Depending on requirements, heater or filters are added, or the system is combined with a dehumidification.

Measure made air curtain now also in a compact design

compact Masterveil AIRSTOP

A goal with little space for assembly is shielded by a compact Masterveil AIRSTOP, in this case with an additional built-in fan.

Not only in the cold logistics the new custom-made Masterveil AIRSTOP systems are welcomed in a compact design. Despite the space saving design, individual solutions can be realized: The number of integrated fans can be adjusted, depending on the problem, and the outblow length is variable. An extension with filters is possible, as well as a splash guard on an intake grid.

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