Masterveil & Prodoor install Airdoors at Hanos

Masterveil & Prodoor install Airdoors at Hanos
Drawing Hanos

Masterveil supplies and installs, together with its Dutch partner ‘Prodoor’, air doors for catering wholesaler Hanos

Following the new construction in Hengelo, Zwolle and recently in Nieuwegein, we are now also working on the new construction in Maastricht.

Masterveil’s air doors are distinguished by customization and energy efficiency compared to traditional systems.

In addition to temperature and/or odor separation between ambient and cooled rooms, Prodoor, with its Masterveil Powerstream and Airlock setup, is ‘the guarantee’ against ice formation in your freezer cell in passageways with large temperature differences between two rooms of up to 50˚ Celsius.

Ice build-up in your freezer will cause evaporators and cooling pipes to freeze and which will eventually break. The financial consequential loss is then incalculable. Excessive humidity that settles on the floors will cause them to freeze, resulting in slippery floors that are dangerous for people, equipment and product. Masterveil’s Air doors are better for your night’s sleep, wallet and the environment. Knowing more? Inform without obligation about our options in the event of ice formation in your freezer and/or excessive energy costs via