Looking back 10 years later at one of our pioneering projects: Ysco

Last week it was extremely pleasant to look back at one of our pioneering projects that was realized ten years ago at Ysco.

The set-up was designed to create a perfectly conditioned space in the middle of a large freezer room, in collaboration with our partner MUNTERS BELGIUM.

As a result, Ysco’s employees are able to carry out repackaging of ice cream cones according to the specific requirements of large end customers.

A true milestone, given the challenge of achieving this while the freezer doors are in almost permanent use.

Despite the entry and exit of forklifts and the long opening times of freezer doors, the air-conditioned space remains at the correct temperature and humidity combination even just before the entrance to the freezer room.

This innovative approach has not only led to significant efficiencies, but also increased customer satisfaction.