CASE : Use of Powerstream (r) with Active Drying

The well-known blue discounter, a prominent supermarket chain, uses the combination of Powerstream(r) with active drying in their facilities, especially in the refrigerated distribution central & freezer cells.

This strategy is aimed at fundamentally reducing energy losses in the intensive use of their freezer doors on the one hand and optimizing the cooling capacity by applying active dehumidification capacity in their freezer cells on the other hand.

First of all, the dehumidification capacity plays a crucial role in their freezers. By combining Powerstream (r) with active drying, moisture is efficiently removed from the air, in combination with an ultimate degree of screening.

This prevents the formation of ice and condensation within the freezer, improving logistics safety, reducing maintenance & repairs and optimising the quality of the stored products.

This market leader is 100% committed to maintaining optimal environmental conditions, extending product shelf life  and preventing spoilage.

In addition, energy saving is an important aspect within their strategy. By applying active drying in combination with Powerstream(r), energy losses are minimised.

This patented Powerstream solution creates a barrier between the cold freezer and the warmer environment outside. This prevents cold air from escaping and warm air from entering, saving energy that would otherwise be consumed to keep the freezer at the right temperature. Active drying helps to maintain a drier environment, making the insulation of the freezer more effective and further reducing energy losses.

In short, we can conclude that Powerstream (r) with active drying is deployed to have a safe and smooth passage within their intensive logistic activity.

The combination of Powerstream (r) and active drying is going to improve the insulation of the freezer room,so to speak, by providing the passages with ‘invisible doors’.

With this strategy, this discounter demonstrates its commitment to maintaining optimal conditions and promoting sustainability in its business.