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Audi markets its models in an energy-efficient way

Audi markets its models in an energy-efficient way
Audi zuinig

Audi markets its models in an energy-efficient way. In addition to the top finish of each model, Audi is committed to low CO2 emissions and meeting high environmental standards. Audi develops mild hybrids, e-tron and g-tron and focuses on many (future) concept studies. You notice these developments as a customer in the streets.

What precedes it is not so noticeable for the customer, especially the production. In production too, the same high demands are made on the efficiency of installations, including the “invisible doors” of the Masterveil Airstop range. Masterveil here provides a solid shielding between two departments, which leads to a more efficient approach than simply heating the cold air to the desired temperature.

By means of double discharge drums, a precise air flow is generated that, as it were, keeps the cold and warm air apart. By precisely defining the discharge angle, we can also determine exactly where we want the collision point. Returning to this maximum efficiency, it is only necessary to consider afterwards whether the temperature still needs to be conditioned depending on the seasons.

Frederick Caestecker – B/GZ-2 Work service Brussels

In advance we had a look at the reference “NIKE” in Laakdal. At Nike, too, the priority was to provide maximum shielding instead of heating up the incoming cold air to the desired temperature. This is not only expensive and energy-consuming, it is also inconsistent with our CO2 neutrality.

Masterveil can offer us solutions for small and large indoor and outdoor gates. It was an absolute added value for Audi that we could seamlessly integrate the system into our own building management system.