S-K terminal air-curtain fan

Logistics & industrial doors

Effective air curtains for Logistics and Industrial doors

Optimize energy and time utilization for openings of various sizes with Masterveil’s advanced air curtains. Our highly efficient air curtains enable keeping doors and gates open for extended periods without compromising climate control.

The effectiveness of our air curtains relies on their ability to efficiently block both heat and cold, this is crucial for an air curtain solution. By creating a balanced opening and utilizing the right air curtain configuration, you not only achieve effective climate protection with open gates but also save energy compared to unprotected gate openings. The improved logistics at the gate also reduce risks of accidents, time losses, and disruptions during gate openings and closings.

Masterveil’s air curtains offer additional benefits, effectively preventing birds, insects, and unwanted odors from entering the premises.

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Advantages of Masterveil Air Curtains for Logistics and Industrial Gates