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Five Masterveil AC-1000 Airstop air curtains installed above five industrial doors.

Air curtains for a sustainable indoor climate

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We have more than 35 years of experience in the industry and have encountered and solved many different challenges. We combine technical advice with innovative, high-quality products to create affordable solutions for you as a customer. Whether you want your air curtain to stand out or blend in as part of the environment, we have the knowledge to meet your design requirements.

Tailored solution for every customer

All Masterveil air curtains are designed and manufactured to meet each customer’s specific needs. We are proud of our specialist expertise and superior experience in customized solutions. By tailoring each product, we can deliver the best possible function and quality, which creates the desired climate in premises and minimizes your company’s energy losses


27 Years Later

When a shopping center in Uppsala, Sweden, was renovating one of its entrances, they found that their existing air curtains, installed by Masterveil in 1996, were still functioning flawlessly.

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Discover Masterveil’s Airstop Technology

Masterveil Airstop air curtains offer superior benefits compared to traditional air curtains across a variety of applications:


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In the food sector, optimal hygiene is vital to ensure the safety and quality of products. Manufacturing companies implement strict cleaning procedures and access measures to prevent contamination. This includes using high-quality equipment that is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and bacterial growth.


From Unseen to Indispensable!

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